What is OLED/QLED?

What is OLED/QLED?  Recently we have seen LG and Sony unveil OLED Tv’s and Samsung with their QLED TV’s. What is the Key difference between OLED/QLED and Standard LED and How does it affect picture quality? Traditional LED TV’s have individual pixels with a backlight located on the sides of the TV. OLED/QLED have no back light as each pixel is individually Lit. This key difference eliminates the grayish fade a viewer sees when the TV fades to black. OLED/QLED allows each individual pixel to illuminate and darken. Allowing the TV to produce much deeper and richer color tones due to the pixels being able produce an actual Black tone. (Black being the absence of light). The crazy thing is, even though it may seem like a gimmick the difference in quality is astonishing. The quality of these Tvs when put next to a standard LED is Jawbreaking. If you don’t believe me go to your local Best Buy and check it out. They wont disappoint, but watch out for their sneaky salesmen though. 😉